Impact Now - School of Ministry

The Summer Internship program is an aggressive 7 week program for high school and college aged students. Students will learn the biblical principles of living a Godly lifestyle along with leadership principles that will help them in their spiritual development. Through these two months, students are able to discover their purpose along with developing their God-given gifts. It is our mission to disciple students with a firm foundation.  

During this time you will gain knowledge and experience 
>> Hands on Training    
>> Preaching Classes                           
>> Church Media Training  
>> Leadership Development          
>> Creative Outreach      
>> Intense Discipleship  
>> Ministry Travel Trips    
>> Life-long Friendships

Impact Now School Of Ministry is a two year program for students who have graduated from high school or have received a GED and feel a call to prepare for ministry, desire to grow in their relationship with God and gain personal ministry experience. Impact Now has partnered with Global University and Southwestern Assemblies of God University to provide courses that will expand your biblical knowledge and help you obtain growth in practical ministry. You will be able to take the courses necessary for ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God.

During these two years, you will gain knowledge and experience in the following:
>> Biblical Preaching
>> Leadership Skills
>> Church Media
>> Planning and Executing Ministry Productions
>> Community Outreaches
>> Human Video and Drama
>> Illustrated Sermons
>> Team Recruitment
>> Spiritual Growth
>> Mentorship and Team Building
>> Study of the Scriptures

1.)  Where will I live during the program?
There is an Impact Now Guys Home and Girls Home were students are housed.  There are adult leaders that live in the homes to provide oversight for each home.  Since the housing is an estimated 30-40min. drive from the church campus, we utilize the ministry shuttle bus to provide daily transportation to and from the church campus.

2.)  Can I bring my car?
If you are participating in the School of Ministry program (2yr. College), you may bring your vehicle.  You will need to register your vehicle through our office by providing a copy of your current driver's license and auto insurance certificate.  Impact Now is not responsible in any way, shape or form for the use of personal vehicles while in the program.

3.)  Can I get a job while attending Impact Now?
If you are enrolled in the Summer Internship program, you will NOT be able to have a job.  Due to our daily schedule and travel schedule during the summer, it will be nearly impossible to be employed.  For students enrolled in the School of Ministry program, it is highly encouraged that students do not work their first year of school.  This will provide you with an opportunity to grow accustomed to the daily routine of school and ministry.  Exceptions to this can be made by writing a letter of petition to the Director.

4.)  What is the cost of each program and what does it cover?
We have three ministry programs, two of which occur in the summer and the other runs during the college Fall and Spring semester.
A.)  Jr. Impact Now: 
Cost: $675
Includes: Housing, meals, local ministry outreach, basic bible and discipleship training classes, drama and introduction to church media training.
Does Not Include:  Personal health or accident insurance, extra spending money for snacks or laundry.
B.)  Summer Impact Now:
Cost:  $1,950.00
Includes: Housing, meals, local and national ministry trips, introduction to stage lighting and design, leadership development, foundational bible courses and preaching classes.
Does Not Include:  Personal health or accident insurance, extra spending money for snacks or laundry.
C.)  School of Ministry (2yr.):
Cost: $4,250* per semester (Price may vary depending on financial aid)
Includes:  Housing, meals, local and national ministry trips, stage lighting and design, church internship assignments, accredited biblical courses, ministry and drama training, leadership development and introduction to church media training.
Does Not Include:  Personal health or accident insurance, extra spending money for snacks or laundry, internet or cable tv at the ministry homes.                                                                                                                                                             

5.) Is there financial assistance available?
There are scholarships and financial aid available for those who qualify.