Impact Now School of Ministry



    Program Director//Michael Fernandez

    Welcome to Impact Now. We are passionate about seeing young adults grow in their faith, develop in their leadership, and impact the world with the gospel.  God has given each of us a life-assignment or calling, and it's our desire to help you discover what that is and how to effectively accomplish it.  All to often students are over-preached and under-challenged, we want to help prepare you to respond to your calling. It's our desire to offer the best educational and spiritual environment that will challenge each student towards Godly success. Don't miss this opportunity to discover, develop and discharge your gifts in Godly service.  We have partnered with highly successful ministries such as, Cornerstone Church and Southwestern Assemblies of God University to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience the very best ministerial preparation available.

    Cheering Loudly For You,
    Michael Fernandez