Your Calling is Calling
Program Highlights

1.)  Accredited Courses Thru SAGU / Global Univ.
2.)  Financial Aid & Scholarship Available
3.)  Plenty of Hands-On Ministry Opportunities
4.)  National Travel Ministry Tours
5.)  Local College Campus Ministry Outreach
6.)  Exposure to Church Media Experience
7.)  Student-led Weekly Chapels
8.)  Home Dorms
9.)  Ministry Involvement at Cornerstone Church
10.) Drama & Dance Ministry

Welcome From Our Director 

Michael Fernandez
A Word From Our Director

My name is Michael Fernandez, and I want to be your Director!  It is our passion to see you grow in your relationship and calling for Christ.  We are committed to helping students discover, develop and discharge all they possess for work of God.  Impact Now is a starting gate that will assist you in growing as an individual through discipline, hard work and spiritual dependency on God. You will be stretched to limits that you didn't think could be done.  Our educational strategy is to "teach and do!"  We want to get you involved as quickly as possible and engage ministry from the inside-out.  Hands-On opportunities are numerous for students to experience, such as:  Creative Outreach (San Antonio Food Bank & Cornerstone Evangelistic Center), Stage Production (Youth Conferences / Conventions & Cornerstone Services) Youth Ministries (Cornerstone Church), Music Ministry, Drama and so much more.  

I Samuel 3:1 says, "The boy Samuel ministered before the Lord under Eli..."  The way God called a young Samuel is the way he is calling a young generation to do big things for Him today.  I invite you on a life-long journey of exciting opportunities of ministry preparation.

Student of the Month:

Abimael or AB is from the state of Arizona and is in his first semester of school.  He is a student that desires to learn as much as possible about God and ministry. AB has been chosen as our Student of the Month because of his exemplary attitude in the class room, willingness to serve on ministry trips and his eager dedication towards spiritual growth. In the short time he as been here, AB has been an encourager and positive role model for students and staff.  We have seen God begin a growing and stretching process in his life. In addition, he also exhibits good leadership qualities when dealing with challenging tasks.  Finally, AB has gained the respect of his peers and continues to strive to become a better person.  We are all very proud of Abimael Rivera.

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