Those looking to take their past experience with Impact Now to the NEXT LEVEL.  This will challenge and grow your leadership capacity by offering you hands-on opportunities to lead during the summer internship program. This unique internship will help you to build off of your previous education from Impact Now while developing greater and essential leadership discipline.

>>  1 on 1 Staff Mentorship Opportunities 
>>  Specialized Leadership Courses 
>>  Opportunities To Lead Internship Activities 
>>  Unique Ministry Trips Geared Towards Next Level Students Only 
>>  Exclusive Teaching Opportunities With the Program Director of Impact Now 

Alumni's are to use the general applications available for all prospective students and indicate the year they attended and completed the program.  Please contact us for more information concerning alumni scholarships availability. 

Begins: June 13, 2020

Cost: $1,500* leadership/staff opportunity